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How to Please a Woman in Bed: 13 Moves to Leave Her Addicted to You

Do not know what women want? Well, half the time we do not know either, but pay attention carefully, because a woman in the bed has to please.
Wondering to please a woman on the bed? You women can complain about your relationships or sex life, but what are you actually doing to change it? This is a difficult question to answer. You may wish, but you are not sure how to do it. Your answer may be, "Well, how should I know if she is not enjoying it? She does not tell me that she is not. She looks like she is enjoying herself."

Okay, I understand, but to make things easier in yourself, just ask. Now, your partner can be relatively new to you, so you are embarrassed to ask. Maybe you do not want your ego if he gives you suggestions but do not take it personally. [Read: 22 reasons why so many women love sex on the bed]

How to make a woman happy in bed - 13 details to master the game

Now, when you enjoy sex, if you venture to ask for it, then include some tips from these sex tips. You might be surprised that some of these suggestions are really simple and easy.

I think the problem is that many people believe that what your partner likes in bed, it includes division and restructuring orgies-it is not so. It's about sex connections, and not a horror situation. It's not as hard as you think.

# 1 Teach yourself about sex in general. Listen, the only way to know how to make a woman happy on the bed is that if you really understand how a female body works. In this way, you know where and what the Church does, you know the nipple's sensitivity and the small areas. The more you know about sex, sex, and communication, the better is for you. [Read: How does sex feel for a woman, the truth about it]

# 2 All women are not equal. This is, while you should educate yourself about sex, sex, and communication, which provides you with general knowledge. Now, every woman is different, just like every man. Some women have more sensitive nipples than others, the Church comes in all sizes, and every girl likes to be touched in a different way. I know that you can get out but can be quiet, it will be fine. [Read: 10 strange conversations you have to keep with your partner]

# 3 You have to listen. Hear it Although he can not say where he or she likes to touch, it is your job to see how he gives answers to nonBarbly. You can hear her moan, grab her bed sheets, or increase her breathing. These are all signs that you are going in the right direction. This is why it is important not to compare your current partner with your previous partners.

# 4 Fourplay is a must. I know that people get excited and want to go straight into admission but you need to slow it down. Men and women are different in this part because it takes more time for men to get excited for men. This is a big problem because many people believe that women get started as soon as they are. If you want to turn it on, focus on the foreplay. [Read: 17 flirtatiously funny foreplay ideas that all women find unique]

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# 5 takes two. A common complaint in the female community is how their partners have sex with them as a rabbit. It's fast, fast, and the guy who alone is cums. If you want to learn to please a woman on the bed, care about her experience in fact. Sex is not just about you and is making you away, it is also in the picture. Pay attention to it, trust me, it pays. [Read: How to tie a woman with your fingers]

# 6 Orgasming is great. But you do not want to pressure him to be one. I know that you want to intercourse because it is usually the goal for every boy. If she does not intercourse, then she does not push, so that she feels like she has to do it. If this happens, then she will not intercourse.

An intercourse is linked to his mental state, so he needs to feel relaxed and excited. If she is not having sex, then it is probably the time that you have seen your techniques.

Use your hands # 7. You have two of them, so you have a great advantage. Now, sex is not just about gender, it is more than that. Use your hands to detect your body.

In fact, you should use your whole body to keep sex, lips, teeth and tongue - gradually should not be afraid to cut his hair or lick his neck. At the same time, you can catch and squeeze his ass or breasts. See? Hands come in handy.

# 8 Do not stick to a situation. Occasionally, we become so comfortable in some positions, they become regular. Now, this is not a bad thing, but sometimes it is good to spice up things and with a new situation at all times. Much more stuff leads to bumpy, and you do not want it. Therefore, if you are always missionary

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